Wednesday, July 08, 2009

SBS StarKing crown Kim Ji Ho (17) will release an album

SBS StarKing crown Kim Ji Ho (17) will release an album.

He had come together with 4 other members, who are visually impaired like himself, to form the band Blue Ocean in 2008.

And in May, they had appeared on SBS StarKing where 2PM member Nich Khun was also present for that episode. Kim Ji Ho who is the main vocalist, had appeared to perform with jazz pianist Yang HanKyu, guitarist Lee JoonHee, bass Km MiSun and drummer Um JinYoung.

Kim Ji Ho had also went to win 3 consecutive crown on Star King, he also get to perform with artistes like In Sooni. He was given the nickname of ‘The heaven voice which can ring a soul’. Kim JiHo has undergone 16 surgeries for his apriority glaucoma but has talked about the pain for not being able to regain his visuals.

He had recently released an official album as part of Blue Ocean with the title song ‘Only’, the album also showcased the different genres of music like ballad, R&B, Rock and Jazz which Kim JiHo is known to be vocally good for.

Blue Ocean, “We know that it is hard for us to promote on stage as a band made up of visually impaired children, but we will work to give other children like ourselves the Eutopia as the first to release an album.”

Their album is released online on 7th July.

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