Friday, July 03, 2009

Sniper @ Hong Kong and Singapore in April

Hong Kong director Dante Lam's gunfight flick "Sniper" will finally hit screens in Taiwan on July 10th after the long delay following cast member Edison Chen's sex photo scandal.

At the cost of 30 million Hong Kong dollars, the movie boasts the most expensive production for such flicks of Hong Kong's film industry in recent years. Starring Taiwan actor/singer Richie Jen, Hong Kong actor Edison Chen and mainland heartthrob Huang Xiaoming, the movie highlights a never-seen-before visual effect on gunfight scenes, which was an experiment by director Dante Lam, a veteran in Hong Kong's typical cops-and-robbers film.

Finished in 2008, the film's overall screening schedule in Chinese-language speaking regions was disrupted by Edison Chen's nude photo incident which brought tremendous notoriety to the rising star after its outbreak in January 2008.

Co-star Richie Jen and director Dante Lam denied that Edison's scenes has been re-filmed on the promo conference in Taipei on Wednesday, saying Chen fits his role perfectly and there's no need to cover his part.

Edison Chen, who's supposed to show up at the Taiwan promo, was absent for his attendance may divert media's attention from the movie.

The film will not able to screen in Chinese mainland but it managed to hit the cinemas in Hong Kong and Singapore in April.

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