Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sprite Music Cruise @ Hong Kong

The "Sprite Music Cruise" held a launch ceremony at Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour, popular idols Angela Zhang and JJ Lin not only sang their songs "I'm In Love", "Little Dimples" and more but they also played the game called "Treasure Hunting in the Water" with fans. According to reports, Jay Chou, Angela Zhang and JJ Lin will be holding a concert in October with 560 fans, the concert will be breaking fresh ground as it is on an ocean liner, the 3 will be writing a new song together for the occasion.

Angela Zhang and JJ Lin expressed excitedly that even though they are good friends with Jay Chou, but the concert in October will be the first time they have performed together, it will also be the first time they hold a concert on an ocean liner. Even though she doesn't know how to swim but Angela Zhang spread the word that she wants to push both JJ Lin and Jay Chou into the sea. As to the concerns of fans that the three will get seasick, Angela Zhang was full of confidence saying: "No, you'll forget about it once you are into the song, as long as it's not a storm then it'll be fine."

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