Saturday, July 04, 2009

‘Tell Me’ on 2nd July on Mnet

4Minute HyunA has expressed her regrets and unsatisfactory with their performance of WonderGirls hit song ‘Tell Me’ on 2nd July on Mnet M!Countdown, revealing that they had little time for practice for the song.

The girls had transformed into the WonderGirls members and performed the hit ‘Tell Me’ on the show. And after the performance, HyunA, “The time we were given for practice is not enough. It is a pity because we wanted to show a more perfect performance. But I am really happy because I was reminded of my past memories through this performance.”

It was the period for end-term examinations, and the girls had to board an airplane to GwangJoo for their performance.

Meanwhile, HyunA had left WonderGirls in 2007 when the girls were preparing to promote the song ‘Tell Me’ on reasons of health problems. She had even filmed for the MV to the song back then.

Her company said, “HyunA has also good feelings towards WonderGirls, and she had brought with her the good old memories with her performing on the stage. It would be great that fans enjoyed the performance too.”

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