Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ayaka Symphonic Concert 2009

With a Best Album set for release on 23rd September and a planned break from work by the end of the year, Ayaka held her final public performance 'Ayaka Symphonic Concert 2009' at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on 20th August.

The concert was backed by 72 members, including an orchestra of 67. After a solemn orchestra performance of 'I believe', Ayaka appeared dressed in a white tunic and a black long skirt, starting off with 'Koikogarete Mita Yume'. "Being showered with the sound of the orchestra is like being bathed in Mother Nature. Even during rehearsals I was moved and have been looking forward to us working together,"said Ayaka. The hall then echoed with the music of the orchestra and Ayaka's singing voice.

"This song was popular with many people and became a hit, a precious song,"she said introducing the song 'Mikazuki'. Lighted by blue illumination as she sang, basking in the spotlight, it looked like a crescent moon (mikazuki) was really shining down on Ayaka. The tune and the arrangement of the orchestra made it a dynamic and moving performance.

For the second part, Ayaka appeared on stage in a red dress. She belted out 'Okaeri', Yume wo Mikata ni' and 'Arigatou'. "I wrote this song a year and a half ago but it fits me now perfectly. No matter how many times I say 'Arigatou', it's not enough and my emotions overflow." With that, voices from here and there in the audience could be heard shouting,"Ayaka, arigatou!"

"Singing this song makes you feel like opening up to people," said Ayaka as she sang 'Minna Sora no Shita' from her latest single. When she finished singing, the orchestra members presented her with a surprise gift, each personally coming up and handing over a red rose. Surprised, Ayaka was moved to tears.

"I'm overjoyed. My face is all soppy (from the tears). Thank you very much," she said, to thunderous applause from the hall.

"Many things have happened, and many will happen from now on but I will never forget my original intentions. I want to believe in myself and walk forward. I want to savour the present moment and link them with my future self. I'd like to show my feelings of gratitude to everyone with a song." The last song was her first single 'I believe'. The hall quieted down to silence as a single piano played. Without a microphone, Ayaka's voice singing a capella reverberated in the hall, leaving the audience in tears.

"Let's meet again! This has been Ayaka!" Smiling as she waved, Ayaka left the stage. It was a 14-song concert that charmed the 5000 in attendance.

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