Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hollywood blockbuster "The Green Hornet"

Jay Chou has been confirmed to star in Hollywood blockbuster "The Green Hornet", Cameron Diaz has been very excited, a few days ago the two met, Cameron Diaz praised Jay Chou: "We are getting along very happily."

Jay Chou is starring in "The Green Hornet" with Cameron Diaz and Nicolas Cage, it will attract international attention. The foreign news reports that a few days ago Cameron Diaz met with Jay Chou and director Michel Gondry to talk about the preparation details, according to reports, Cameron Diaz plays the role of the receptionist of the male lead "The Green Hornet" Seth Rogen, she has a lot of scenes with The Green Hornet's partner Kato played by Jay Chou.

Cameron Diaz expressed that the new version of "The Green Hornet" will be a lot different from the original whether it be characters or plot, she really admires the director and Jay Chou. According to reports Cameron Diaz has a lot of fight scenes, she has learned Chinese kung fu from filming "Charlie's Angels", she will have a chance to show off along with Jay Chou in "The Green Hornet".

The origin of the news states that in the original version, the receptionist of The Green Hornet is one of the few people who know Kato's real identity, in the new version the receptionist is a super fan of crime shows, she has a good feeling towards Jay Chou's Kato which makes The Green Hornet jealous. If it's true, the scenes with Cameron Diaz and Jay Chou will be very explosive.

Yesterday Jay Chou's company JVR Music responded: "Jay Chou did indeed meet with Cameron Diaz in Hollywood a few days ago, the two did a screen test together, Jay Chou feels very happy, and looks forward to the collaboration."

"The Green Hornet" is the big movie of the year for Hollywood Sony Pictures, because the schedule has already been set, it will be released globally on the 9th of July in Summer, right now they are preparing intensely. According to reports Nicholas Kim Coppola is getting US$20 million to play the mafia boss, Cameron Diaz is getting US$10 million, Jay Chou's participation was agreed by both Nicholas Kim Coppola and Cameron Diaz, you can tell from this the two both really admire Jay Chou.

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