Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MBC TV’s new drama 『Heading to the Ground』

Fangirls are flocking to the filming locations of MBC TV’s new drama 『Heading to the Ground』. They do this just to catch a glimpse of the Leader from the group TVXQ, Yunho.

Yunho, who is doing his acting activities under his real name, Jung Yunho, is starring in the show with Ara, a talent from the same management company as him. It is a love story between Cha Bong Goon, who holds bitterness in his heart, and Kang Hye Bin, a girl who has everything, but wants to fulfill her dreams with her own capabilities.

Yunho’s fans are showing up at every location that the filming takes place at. When there’s a spare moment, between meals, and even when they do late filming, the fans supply them with snacks so that they don’t have to go hungry. They also prepared 120 servings of Samgaetang for the production crew, and the fans are really passionate and concerned about their health.

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