Saturday, August 22, 2009

Upcoming Shanghai concert in Nov 2009

As the youngest singer to ever perform at the Hong Kong HungHom Coliseum, Jimmy Lin will set aside racing for the time being and throw himself into charity works and showbiz. At the press conference yesterday he disclosed the plans for his upcoming Shanghai concert in Nov 2009.

At 35 Jimmy still looks boyish. It’s a miracle that years in showbiz and racing have not made their marks on his face. However, the one-time young idol is more mature now. He was in Taiwan doing volunteer works and spending time with the kids at the flood refugee camps. “It is really sad. They can only sleep in sleeping bags and eat lunch boxes. So aside from raising money I will also do something for them.”

Jimmy now appears in Sports news more than in Entertainment news. He has been racing since 1997 and has won 17 first place winner’s cups. That is not what amateurs can compare with. Even though he is a racing fanatic he still find time to star in My Lucky Star in 2007 for fans who love him for years. But that’s not enough. He said yesterday that after the China Rally Championship race in Guangzhou next week he’ll put aside racing for a while. In the recent Beijing race he won 6th place even after blowing a tire.

The concert in Shanghai last year was very successful with 90% attendance. Many fans wanted him to perform here again. The venue will be the indoor Shanghai Grand Stage which has better sound and stage effects. “The songs will definitely be different. The guest list has not been nailed down.” LiYiFei said she’d come if he needed her. There were rumors last year that he was engaged to the Taiwan model Kelly Chen. Will she attend his concert? “Possibly.”

Jimmy is also looking for a good script. “I always want to play a different role, be it a good or bad guy. The role and the storyline have to be very attractive to me.” He is reading many scripts now but it doesn’t look like he has found anything that appeals to him. A reporter asked, “At your age are you still suitable for idol series? Will the success of My Lucky Star lead you down the same path?” Jimmy laughed and said, “Takuya Kimura 木村拓哉 is older than me and he is still doing it. Age is not a problem. Idol series don’t necessarily have young actors only.”

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