Thursday, August 27, 2009

Upcoming TV Asahi drama series "My Girl"

Kanjani8 member Shingo Murakami (27) will be appearing in the upcoming TV Asahi drama series "My Girl." The show was first announced earlier this month with Arashi's Masaki Aiba as the star.

The show is based on Mizu Sahara's manga of the same name about a young man (Aiba) who learns of the death of his former girlfriend (Yuka), who left him six years earlier. She had secretly given birth to his daughter (Momoka Ishii), whom he begins to raise.

Murakami plays a staff member at the nursery school that the daughter attends. The character does not appear in the original manga. Murakami and Aiba previously acted together in a four-episode drama in 2003, which was part of Fuji TV's "Engimono" series.

"My Girl" is scheduled to start on October 9.

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