Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vic Zhou appointed as the Hong Kong ambassador

According to Hong Kong media reports, Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) has recently been appointed as the Hong Kong ambassador for the United Nations’ Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Earlier when he attended an event in Hong Kong, he revealed that he hopes his old love Da S will find true love as soon as possible, at the same time he also denied rumours of Fan Bing Bing ‘electrifying’ him.

Zai Zai will give his full support for the upcoming charity event, organised by UNICEF to help fund-raise for the victims from the Si Chuan earthquake. He expressed that if he has the opportunity in the future, he will personally go and visit the local children.

Zai Zai, who loves children, previously pledged that he would get married and have children at 25. Now he’s realized that that’s unrealistic. He, who is already 28 still remains single, and he sighed saying that this is all up to fate. He said: “My family isn’t rushing me, because my older brother already has a child. At the moment, I wish to concentrate on my work, everything else depends on fate.” Does he have an ideal girlfriend in mind? “My other half cannot rely on her appearance alone, the interactions between us is what’s most important.”

Since he broke up with Da S, both their love lives have often been the media’s focus. He said: “Rumours will affect my work, if because of rumours we have to maintain our distance from each other, then that’s a shame.” Regarding the rumours of Fan Bing Bing ‘electrifying’ him during filming, Zai Zai said: “No, her eyes are so big, she electrifies anything she looks at! Actually, I quite admire her, she’s still so young but has already achieved so much.”

Other than this, he also sparked rumours with his co-star Ivy Chen in ‘Black & White’, but he stressed that they are only friends.

Although his own love life hasn’t landed, Zai Zai is still concerned about his old love Da S’s situation. Ever since the 2 broke up, Da S has sparked rumours with Peter Ho & Louis Koo. Zai Zai revealed that he hopes she will find her other half soon, and will definitely be happy for her: “She’s already an adult, knows how to choose, as long as she feels that that person is good for her, then that’s fine.”

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