Saturday, September 05, 2009

2PM preparation new single album

On Sept. 4th, it was the 1st year anniversary since their debut, so 2PM became very excited and happy thanks to all the congratulations from fans.

In particular, to celebrate 2PM’s 1st anniversary, many fans visited the JYPE office, and gave home-made barbecued food to the JYPE staff, which made the anniversary more exciting.

Some people even said that the international fans (e.g. from Chicago, USA etc.) also came to Korea for the celebration, thus the anniversary seemed like “a festival”.

2PM who went to Thailand for promotions, came back this morning and did not realize it was their anniversary until seeing all the presents, anniversary rice cakes, and barbecued food.

The 2PM members appreciated the fans’ great congratulations, and said “We would like to thank all fans for this great love. In return for this love, we are reminded to keep in mind that we should do our best for you.

In the past year, since their debut with 10 out of 10, 2PM has hit two hit songs: “Again & Again” and “I Hate You” both in a row, and has kept top position under the great popularity of girl idol groups. Most importantly, they have gotten the nickname, “Animal-idol” because of their unique characters – honesty, naturalness and manly charisma as opposed to the other idol groups.

Currently 2PM is focusing on their recording works in preparation of their new single album.

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