Tuesday, September 01, 2009

4th album "See the Sea"

Singer Bada (Real name: Choi Sung Hee) worked together with Taecyeon from 2PM, who is considered today the ultimate trendy popular idol group.

Bada has made a comeback in 2 years with her 4th album title "Yes I'm in Love" which Taecyeon features in. Taecyeon also features in Baek Jiyoung's "My Ear's Candy", and they both show off their sexy moves onstage. Even Baek Jiyoung the diva becomes "shy" in front of the beast idol group 2PM's Taecyeon's charms. Then how did Bada and Taecyeon work together?

"Jiyoung unnie is shy in front of Taecyeon? The Jiyoung unnie I know would never act in such a way... (laughs) When Taecyeon recorded with me, I thought he was the one who was acting shy. He was so shy and nervous, I even wondered what I should do to make him feel comfortable. I bought him donuts and texted a lot with him to become friendlier. Taecyeon even said that he's more comfortable around me than Jiyoung unnie"

Taecyeon and Bada both starred in the recent filming of "Shin Dong Yup and Shin Bong Sun's Champagne". Taecyeon said "I thought it'd be burdensome to stand on the same stage with sunbae." He also revealed that he was more comfortable with Bada then Baek Jiyoung. Bada also said, "Well I'm younger than Jiyoung unnie so don't you think that's the reason?"

"You ask me if I'm disappointed if I see Jiyoung unnie and Taecyeon on the same stage? It would be nice to perform on stage with him but my title song is "MAD". I am a little sad and disappointed but I picked Taecyeon to be mine first so it's okay. At first, I started liking him just from listening to his voice, but when I actually started recording with him, I was so surprised he did so well. I can understand why fans like him."

Bada turned on the TV, and by fate, 2PM was performing. She instantly fell for him and contacted JYP and pleaded to have him feature in her song. While recording with Taecyeon, he exceeded Bada's expectations and she began to understand why 2PM is the ultimate trendy popular idol group today.

"Taecyeon is a much younger hoobae but I totally understand why fans like him. How should I say it? He's human. He doesn't pretend like he's someone else. He's so gentle and honest, it might have to do with the fact he's from the US but I appreciated it a lot. A lot of people came to me and praised me that Taecyeon and I sound great, and I think that, too. I made a very important decision. Taecyeon is an idol star that you can't help but love.

Meanwhile, Bada's title song "MAD" from her 4th album "See the Sea" has become very popular for it's "calf mooing" (LOL), and the she has also become very busy by taking part in the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" as taking on the lead role of Esmeralda.

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