Sunday, September 06, 2009

Chuseok Festival of NYC

That's right, this sexy foursome is making their way to the Big Apple in three weeks! The Chuseok Festival of NYC has boasted huge artists in the past; just last year, they headlined the show with the Wonder Girls - way before the quintet made any moves on American entertainment.

For those of you that don't know, Chuseok is a major three-day harvest festival and holiday celebrated in the autumn every eighth month of the lunar calendar (which starts in the Gregorian calendar's "February"). On these three days, Koreans visit their hometowns to pay respects to their ancestors, give offerings and ultimately have a huge feast of traditional Korean foods. For non-Koreans, it's a great time to sample a literal taste of Korean culture.

The 27th Korean Harvest & Folk / Chuseok Festival
September 26-7
Citi Field Stadium
126th St. and Roosevelt Ave
Flushing, New York

Performances by: Brown Eyed Girls, Yang Hye Sung, Leessang, Wax, Im Ju Ri, Jo Seong Ja

Since 1982, The Korean Produce Association has organized the Korean Harvest & Folk Festival. The Festival is for families, relatives and friends among others to get together and experiencing the various types of performing arts of the traditional Korean culture and cuisine.
For more information, please call The Korean Produce Association at (718) 842-2424.

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