Monday, September 28, 2009

'electricity shutdown' concert at the Taiwan Dome

In order to keep their promise to fans, Mayday paid a price of NT800,000, giving birth to the first 'electricity shutdown' concert at the Taiwan Dome.

They encored till late the night before and kept their promise, deciding to sing till 12 midnight. The Dome staff stood behind the audio control and stared intently at the stopwatches in their hands. Mayday left the stage at 11.59pm and switched off the sound system, indicating that they will not sing anymore. The stage turned pitch dark all of a sudden and just as the peaceful silence is about to resume, the tens of thousands of people continued singing "la la la" in harmony.

Ashin shouted in the darkness, "Let me hear your voices! The Dome is ours! This world is ours!" Their fans were touched to tears and Mayday went up stage once more. With torchlights in their hands, they bowed to the crowd. The concert hall lit up at 12.05am and the crowd was finally willing to leave. Even after switching off the lights and sound system, everyone in the Dome still continued to sing. The band stayed on till the last second and according to the Dome rules, they need to pay a fine of NT500,000. Including the time-based fines, they had to pay NT1,400,000 for the past 3 days.

Ashin, who joked that "Hopefully Kaohsiung will take us in", hopes that this will not be the last concert in the Taiwan Dome. He hopes that they will not be bound by a 'Mayday ban clause'. The easy-going Monster and Stone said, "Since the fine of NT500,000 is fixed in the stone, why not let us just sing a bit longer?

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