Monday, September 28, 2009

Girlgroup 4Minute 100th day debut anniversary

Girlgroup 4Minute has revealed their excitement having won their first #1 on music shows on their 100th day debut anniversary.

4Minute won their 1st #1 on music show with the song ‘Muzik’ on SBS Inkigayo on 26th September. The song was released early September and has been doing very well up on various music charts. And they made headlines for being in the competition with solo singer GDragon.

With that, the girls were excited winning their 1st #1 just 3 months into debut. Especially for member HyunA who left group WonderGirls in 2007 and got to comeback as 4Minute this year. The other members also found it hard to believe when the Mutizen was announced and were seen tearing.

And part of the reason to their tears was that it was their 100th day debut anniversary that day. On such a special day, and even winning their 1st #1, the girls were very happy and excited.

A Cube Ent representative said, “Not just the members, even the company staff did not expect them to win #1. We congratulated the girls on their 100th day but they received a great excitement winning #1 on the show. The girls would like to thank their fans for their support and will work harder in the future.”

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