Wednesday, September 09, 2009

He can sing, act, compose, produce, direct, unexpectedly Jay Chou can also draw!

Jay Chou’s personal design sketch for his self-directed idol drama ‘Pandamen’ has been revealed! Besides the cute helmets worn by the heroic panda supermen, we can also be the first to glimpse Pandamen’s extravagant home, as well as Jay’s idea of hiding the Pandamen outfits in the secret study room.

When Jay first handed his personal design sketch to the drama’s design/art crew, everyone was extremely shocked, and repeatedly commented how he can do everything and anything! Actually, Jay’s drawing talent comes from his mother Ye Hui Mei, who is now a retired junior high art teacher. When Zhou Mama used to help her students with their artwork, Jay would watch on the side, and from when he was little, immersed himself into the painting world.

Staff members expressed that just the people & outfits designs alone took 2 months to complete, after 10 alterations. Jay guests in the drama as a detective, but it happens to be that the detective is extremely busy, filming ‘Ci Ling’, and now going to America to film ‘The Green Hornet’. Now that the drama is in the post-production stage, every scene that contains special effects all have to be e-mailed to Jay to look over and review.

Yesterday, Beijing Jiu Zhou Culture Communication film & television production department general manager Liu Jian Hua expressed that Jay always seeks perfection. The drama was initially prepared to air in China in December, but now the post-production process has fallen behind, and it could be delayed to January next year. And initially, the production fees were set to be $2million per episode, but now this has more than doubled, with total production fees for 20 episodes breaking $80million. However, Jay’s charm is invincible; ‘Pandamen’s airing rights have auctioned to a massive $1.5million RMB per episode (NT $7.18million)

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