Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jerry new album - 多出來的自由/Freedom

Jerry Yan ChengXu will be releasing both his 2010 Desk Calendar and 2010 Wall Calendar in Japan next month; pre-orders began in August. It's already been on the HMV "Top Pre-Orders" List for four consecutive weeks; he's far ahead of Korea's Boys Before Flowers, currently at number 5. In fact, Jerry's two calendars are sitting at the number one (champion) and number two (runner-up) spots; it's quite astounding!

Jerry has been busy recently, what with the release of his album, 多出來的自由/Freedom, and his filming schedule for GTV's 就想賴著妳/Just Want To Depend on You. He typically shoots for his calendar in Japan; this year, however, he stayed in Taiwan. He used famed photographer 蘇益良 Su YiLiang and famed stylist 陳孫華 Chen SunHua, both of whom have worked repeatedly with the hottest stars, with heavenly kings and queens. The backdrops for his calendar shoots include such places as Taiwan's 自來水博物館 Museum of Drinking Water and 華山 HuaShan's 藝文中心 Center for the Arts. They match Jerry's "city poet" and "declining aristocrat" image well; in addition to showing off his unique "dispirited, melancholy" charm, the scenery will help his Japanese fans experience some of Taipei's many different feels.

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