Sunday, September 06, 2009

Jolin Tsai’s wishes to be taiwans lady gaga

Jolin Tsai’s birthday wish is to be Taiwan’s Lady Gaga! Jolin, who always seeks perfection, aiming to constantly make new breakthroughs in music and dancing says that her idol burden prevents her from making bold attempts. She revealed that she admires that Western artists can display their inner self: “Watching Lady Gaga’s MV, what she does is also what I really want to do, but her personality is very different from mine. If I am more brave, and don’t care about how others criticize me, then I can be like her!”

The strong queen, only admits defeat when it comes to love. Jolin revealed: “As soon as I meet love, I’m finished, infront of my other half, I am not strong at all, I’m that kind of person who.. fakes pity, of course sometimes I do think that I am quite pitiful la, haha!” Jolin is about to welcome her 3-month holiday, and she has decided to leave more room for herself; she said laughing: “Give myself a break, enjoy life, that way I may still be able to be an idol when I’m 60.”

Last year, Jolin joined Warner Music, and hoped to break into the international market. According to Chinese media reports, Jolin’s ‘Butterfly’s album sales are extremely impressive, and that she hopes to break into Japan. They also reported that she would be secretly going to Japan in December to promote, and even sing a duet ‘Brilliant’ with Kobukuro, and also film the MV. However, Taiwan’s Warner Music denied this rumour, and Jolin’s manager revealed: “Currently we haven’t heard this plan yet, but we’re letting Jolin go on holiday till the end of the year, she won’t even be accepting any New Year Eve’s performances.”

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