Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Korean Music Wave Festival

A fancam of 2PM member WooYoung’s encouraging message to fellow member JaeBum, who left the group on 8th September, has been the hot topic amongst fans and netizens online.

WooYoung was seen in the famcam exchanging looks with JaeBum on stage, and saying, “힘내야지…힘내야지 (Have strength, have strength)”, encouraging JaeBum to show his leader features again.

The fancam was taken 2PM’s performance at the 2009 InCheon Korean Music Wave Festival on 5th September, a day when the whole JaeBum’s MySpace controversy was blown out of proportions. JaeBum has also revealed his official apology about the incident earlier that day.

[PS: It seems that the performance was not for InCheon Korean Wave Music Festival as stated.]

It was also reported that day that JaeBum has scolded, “Sorry” that day before he went up the stage, and after 2PM’s performance he was also seen with a 90 degrees bow to the crowd showing his regrets on the incident.

Meanwhile, fans are fighting and demanding for JaeBum’s return to the group.

Meanwhile, following the leaving of MC roles by 2PM member TaekYeon and WooYoung on SBS Inkigayo, member Nich Khun is also said to be not participating in the recording of SBS StarKing on 14th September.

It was said that 2PM members’ activities are currently put on hold. And future plans for their activities will have to be assessed by situation.

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