Thursday, September 03, 2009

New girl group T-ara

New girl group T-ara has been sweeping up the charts with their debut single “Lie" and recently appeared on Star Golden Bell where they discussed, what else, their beauty! When asked whether or not they were aware of their beauty, Tiara’s leader Eun Jung responded by stating that before her debut, she considered herself to be very pretty. However, after debuting and realizing there are many, many other beautiful people, she now feels as though she is not that pretty after all.

In addition, T-ara was asked when they felt as though their pride was most trampled on after their debut. Eun Jung then went on to discuss their special “I’m Your Girl” performance where she sang without vibrato to achieve a more pure color to her voice. In response, many netizens criticized her inability to incorporate vibrato, and apparently, this was very hurtful to Eun Jung. Now, if that was the worst that's happened to her post-debut, I'm thinking she's in the clear! This industry can eat little hopefuls up for breakfast, so a thicker skin is a must! Hang in there, beautiful!

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