Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New TV program ‘関パニ / Kan-Pani

Recently in Tokyo KANJANI∞ recorded video footage for the new TV program ‘関パニ / Kan-Pani' which will be hosted by the group. The first broadcast is set to go on air on October 7th. In between the recordings, the members were asked by an interviewer what sort of things they would like to try out in their program. Shibuya Subaru eagerly replied “It might be interesting to write songs bit by bit each week. Eventually we could perform the songs exclusively on this program.” Yokoyama revealed his ‘true' ambitions by saying “I'll like to appear in a ‘gestsuku' drama.” Everyone laughed at his joke. [‘Getsuku; 月9' literally means ‘Monday night from 9 o'clock'. In Japan it is generally considered as the time when the most popular dramas are broadcast.]

For the new program the KANJANI∞ members themselves will have to come up with various projects and games to tackle. In the process, they will experience new and novel things in an up close and personal manner. Using their favorite instruments, the members will each announce the program's title, and there are also plans for the group to record a single. This program will be broadcast at midnight and not in the middle of the day. “We could do things that we couldn't have done during daytime broadcasts.” (Nishikido Ryo) “I think we'll get to try out weird and strange things. It's all up to the staff, but I hope we have a chance to do those sorts of things.” (Yokoyama You) The members are confident they can take on anything!

Maruyama Ryuhei was interviewed while wearing the official costume for ‘Kan-Pani', which consisted of a bright green sports jersey with a name tag. He grinned and said “These jerseys remind me of my days as a school kid.” “There was also a whiteboard inside the set. The white-walled studio looked like a school clubroom. Maybe this is how it feels to go to a boy's school.” He seemed to have had fun throughout the filming with his fellow members!

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