Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ryan comeback in Korea with his first solo album

It's been a long time since we have seen Ryan around. Although he's a singer and leader of Paran, I only got to know him through the drama, I'm Sam back in 2007.

Ryan will soon be making a comeback in Korea, but not as an actor or with Paran, but as a solo singer with his first solo album. He will be having a showcase on 8th September where he will perform songs from his album, Ryan learns to love. His album and music video will also be released on the same day. About 100 lucky fans will be attending the showcase.

His company said, "This special showcase was specially organized for fans of Paran and Ryan who have waited patiently for them from overseas promotions. Ryan is now busy rehearsing and making final preparations for his showcase next week."

Other members from Paran will also be present to show their support for their leader, Ryan. BMK and Brown eyed soul will be special guest performers.

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