Saturday, September 05, 2009

Star King is scheduled to air on September 5th

The popular boy idol group of Korea, 2PM, have garnered the name beast idols because of their beastly charisma compared to other idol groups. Out of the 7 unique members, Nichkhun is known to be very popular and he has been very active in the Korean variety programs. Even though it hasn't been long since he started learning Korean, he still manages to make many people laugh whenever he appears on variety shows. Star King is a program where Nichkhun has a permanent spot like Boom and Super Junior's LeeTeuk.

In this week's taping of Star King, Nichkhun showed off his acting skills to the audience as he acted out Korean Top MC, Kang Ho Dong, being mad. It was an intro to what you should eat when you're mad. People were so shocked and pleased to see Nichkhun's acting skills. Kang Ho Dong even stated, "Through Star King, Nichkhun has been getting into acting more. He was so real with his acting, I wondered if he actually didn't like me."

He was introducing Microbiotic dieting which is a way of eating that was featured on the SBS drama, Style.

People laughed and gasped at Nichkhun's tough and hilarious imitation of Kang Ho Dong. He punched the wall, let out his anger on a doll, and etc. The episode of Star King is scheduled to air on September 5th.

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