Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Super Awards Ceremony

During the Red Carpet Event that preceeded the "Super Awards Ceremony" and a special performance that was to be hosted by Mnet's nation-wide talent search program, "Super Star K," the biological Mother of TVXQ's Hero Jaejoong, Oh Sae Young revealed herself to the camera.

Many participants of "Super Star K"s Red Carpet Event that commenced under the chairmanship of An Hae Kyung on the 25th at 2:30 pm, starting with Jung Seul Gi, Oh Sae Young, the Rising Ladies Team, of which visually impared Kim Kook Hwan is a member, the Crazy Boys, the Moongshil Sisters, as well as many more who stole the eyes of many with their familar faces, have all now become a popular topic on the net.

An insider on "Super Star K" has stated on the topic of the Red Carpet Event that, "Because, apart from the main participants of "Super Star K," it was a chance for many of those who have become a hot topic among citizens to be together in one place, it made for an especially interesting show."

Other than the Red Carpet Event, other side projects to "Super Star K," such as the "Super Awards Ceremony" and the special performances which featured acts by Jo Moongeun, Jung Sun Gook, Kil Hakmi, Park Taejin, and many more, were filmed at 11 pm on the night of the 25th, as the 4th significant performance by the participants that managed to make the cut.

On another note, apart from the replacement of Singer Im Chang Jung as the show's MC with a professional, Kim Sungju, Participant Jung Seul Gi is also gathering much attention after signing with the angency, Brand New Stardom, which Singer JoPD is also currently with. She is making history for "Super Star K" by becoming the first signed performer that has

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