Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Upcoming Taiwanese movie, Monga

Filming is steadily in progress for upcoming Taiwanese movie, Monga. Directed by Niu Chang Ze, the production crew was busy with shooting a massive fighting scene between two gangs in Wanhua, Taipei, with close to 700 extras enlisted with the help of friends from all over Taiwan.

20 tourist coaches were filled with the humongous cast for this particular scene, leading the director to excitedly exclaim, “Ever since I started making movies, this is my first time I shot such a hot-blooded exciting scene!”

Friends of the director were also present on-site during filming, including music producer Sandee Chen, who halted all other activities in Hong Kong to visit the filming site, as well as Tsai Yueh Hsun and his wife. Tsai, the director of the famous Taiwanese drama Black & White, in which Monga’s Mark Chao also starred, jokingly remarked, “We are here to specially see our “son” (Mark) get beaten up!”

That came true when actor Ethan Ruan unknowingly landed a punch on Mark, afterwhich he hastily dispelled rumours of being on bad terms with his co-star. “There are too many people, I can’t see clearly at all! When I realized I hit the wrong person, it was not in time for me to hold back!”

Mark also chimed in support for Ethan and said, “There are really too many people today. You can’t seem to really extend your limbs. Even before you can throw a punch at somebody, you get pushed from behind! But it is also a very awesome experience!”

The demanding scenes and minor heatstroke did not deter an enthusiastic Ethan as he shared, “Ever since my debut, I have not shot such a big and magnificent scene like this. It is really very exhilarating! I immersed myself completely into that kind of youth and vitality, when I am in it, I will dare to do everything, and I will go for it!”

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