Thursday, October 08, 2009

Aaron Kwok currently filming in Bangkok

Singer-actor Aaron Kwok’s on-off girlfriend, Chinese model Lynn Xiong, had reportedly engaged in self-harm after the Heavenly King dumped her for model Mango Wong. reported that Xiong who is filming the movie "Ip Man 2" in Shanghai, kept mostly to herself on the set while surviving on a diet of instant noodles. It added that there were reports that the model had inflicted pain on herself, and was seen leaving the emergency room at a local hospital.

Xiong’s manager, Kim, however dismissed the reports of self-injury, saying they were untrue.

"There’s no need to pay attention to these stories. Although Lynn suffered from gastroenteritis while filming in Shanghai, she is not one who would hurt herself."

Upon learning about the news, Kwok's ex-girlfriend Amanda S empathised with Xiong and expressed her sympathy.

“She (Xiong) should put on a brave front. Being beautiful and intelligent, she will be able to find herself another. Most importantly, treasure yourself.”

On whether she felt the 44-year-old Kwok had the tendency to be unfaithful, Amanda gave her two cents worth, “Not being married at his age means that he’s not ready to settle down. Or maybe he feels that he has not met his Mrs Right yet and therefore continues to date other girls.”

In 2000, the then 22-year-old Amanda met the Heavenly King on the set of his music video in Taiwan and feelings soon developed between them.

Kwok is currently filming the sequel to 2007’s “The Detective” in Bangkok.

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