Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Actor Koide Keisuke photo exhibition ‘Days in India'

Actor Koide Keisuke held a handshake event to celebrate the release of his photo book ‘Days in India' and the opening of a photo exhibition with the same title. In ‘Days in India', Koide for the first time posed fully nude. In one scene Koide is lying down naked on a bed with a look of pure ecstasy. During the press conference conducted before the event, he seemed very interested with his own expression. He made the reporters laugh by joking “Maybe that's how I look when I'm ‘doing my thing.'”

Koide had not been very fond of photos, but he changed his mind when he heard that the photographer will be Fujiwara Erina. Since she was somebody that Koide could trust, “I thought it would be a good opportunity to overcome my fears. When being taken pictures I've become less anxious.” He then went on to talk about the book's appeal. “It was a bit embarrassing, but I made myself imagine that Fujiwara-san and I were lovers. I was able to simply be my usual self without hiding anything. I think that's a first for me. The book's more like a private photo collection.”
Koide turned 25 on the day the photo shoots started. He was asked what sort of roles he will like to play in the future. He revealed he was eager to cultivate a new image. “I hope I'll be able to ‘graduate' from playing the roles of students…I'll like to appear in works where the love relationships get messy. I'm interested in characters that are despicable, or people who cheat.”

The photo exhibition ‘Days in India' will continue until Monday, October 12th at the Logos Gallery inside Shibuya PARCO in Tokyo.

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