Monday, October 12, 2009

Album last week released

The battle for albums sales is still as strong as ever. Peter Pan Yuwen, who released his album last week, was according to his record company H.I.M, on top of all of the charts and much ahead of all of his other competitors. But everything changed the next day, when all of a sudden someone else got the top spot instead.

While Yao Yao celebrates for getting No. 1, Peter is on the other hand rather disappointed, laughingly saying that he wants to get a "A Hug of Love" (T/N: literal translation of Yao Yao’s album name). Yao Yao also responded favourably: “I welcome him to my Hugging Session, I’ll go to his autograph session if I have the time too!”, cleverly avoiding the issue of buying the charts.

Missing the champion spot by just a bit, Peter smashed the three ice hearts at his autograph session miserably; the three hearts were originally meant for celebrating his No. 1 spot on the charts. He then joked: “My heart’s all broken now!”

H.I.M also professed: “We’re disappointed about the results, yes, that the hard work put into this album is unable to see honest results in the form of topping the charts, due to man-manipulated reasons.”

After releasing this solo album, Peter has now got to go on at least 80 shows alone, without the accompaniment of his Xing Guang Bang friends, and he said about this: “In the past, wherever we used to go there’d always be lots of laughs and noise, and I was really happy. Now it’s a little lonely, but I’ll call Stanley (Hsu Jen-jie) to talk whenever I am.”

He is also a gentleman through and through, immediately standing up to help whenever he saw female colleagues with heavy items, never ever letting them take these bulky items alone.

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