Monday, October 12, 2009

Angela Change and hundred of fans brought out those tears

Angela Chang who has been lying low due to her recent family scandal, returned to the music scene yesterday, stunning in her ordered-to-fit corset, feathered miniskirt and jeweled pumps.

The presence of hundreds of fans brought Angela to tears, and when asked about whether she still stays in contact with her mother, she only managed to fend off these questions by continually “asking for mercy” in a cute manner.

Before her first appearance, Angela was so nervous in memorizing her lyrics that she did not manage to sleep for two days, just so that she would be able to deliver a great performance for all her fans. However she did not expect her fans to start cheering on for her just after the performance started, and this brought her to tears.

Unable to continue singing, Angela quickly directed the microphone towards the fans, and they sang along with her, the atmosphere being one that of harmony, and touching everyone present.

After going through her recent family scandal, Angela admits that she has matured a lot: “I’m a normal person, and I’m just someone, a girl who speaks directly and is unable to express her emotions properly. That’s why I cried on stage, when I was singing. I’m so happy that my fans chose to believe and continue supporting me.” Angela sang five songs in a row during her performance.

In her new album there is an English song "I Started A Joke", and it was Angela’s idea to do a cover of this classic old song. However one part of the lyrics goes: “I started a joke, but now it has returned to me”; and it is rather similar to what Angela’s emotions are right now.

As for the recent debate about the music charts, many people have felt unjustified for Angela’s sales. Angela however, replied in a accepting tone that “I’ve been in this industry for almost 10 years, I don’t really mind about my position on the music charts any more.”

She also, in her position as a senior in the music industry, encouraged newcomers Yao Yao and Joe Cheng. “As long as they have the talent, everyone should support these new singers.”

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