Monday, October 19, 2009

'Autumn's Concert' and 'Momo Love'

Yesterday night, 'Autumn's Concert' broadcasted it’s 3rd episode. Although it met strong competitor 'Momo Love's premiere broadcast, the ratings were unaffected, and even rose by 0.34. Although it is still a little far off the rating of 4.54 in Vanness Wu's dream, but it still reached a very good result of 3.59.

Yesterday afternoon, 'Autumn's Concerto' main cast specially held a signing event at Bi Tan. To prepare for the exciting scene of 'Vanness Wu vs. Tiffany Hsu basketball PK’ that would air later that night, the organisers specially arranged a basketball shooting game for the cast and fans. Vanness Wu, Ady An & Chris Wu each chose 2 fans to come onstage to join them. Chris was definitely feeling it and he came out top with 22 goals in 1 minute. And as the winner, he won very expensive gifts for the fans in his team. Ady & Vanness followed, with 21 & 17 goals, respectively. Although the other 4 fans didn’t get to win a prize, they each won a 'love's hug' from Vanness & Ady as encouragement.

Earlier, there were rumours that Vanness had a dream about ratings. He expressed: “In my dream, I saw some numbers, but when I woke up, I couldn’t remember exactly what the numbers were. I think it was either 3.43 or 4.54!” And this made Ady, who was beside him joke: “3.43 is too easy! Last week we got 3.25, so it should be 4.54 right?” And Ady also promised: “If ratings break 5.66, then Chris Wu will jump off Bi Tan!” And earlier, the ratings were revealed, and it rose to 3.59, completely unaffected by the premiere broadcast of 'Momo Love'.

Director Winnie You’s new drama 'Momo Love' has a lot of handsome guys and girls in his cast, and hence attracted a lot of attention before broadcast, however the ratings for the first episode was only 1.95. Whether or not it can beat 'Autumn's Concerto', we shall have to wait and see.

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