Sunday, October 11, 2009

‘Creating Destiny’ is a weekend drama

Newcomer actress Kang Byul revealed at the press conference for new MBC weekend drama ‘Creating Destiny’, that she keeps in contact on a personal level with singer Junjin.

At the press conference held at 63 Building on 6 Oct, during an interview with reporters Kang Byul said, “Junjin and I still send messages to each other occasionally’, leading the journalists to wonder about what kind of relationship there could be between a rookie actress and a popular male star.

Elaborating on the details, Kang Byul added, “Junjin is like a dad to me, there are no romantic feelings. Before my debut we had appeared on the same show, and we just continued to keep in touch after that.”

In fact Kang Byul had co-starred in Mnet’s ‘Junjin’s High School Girls 4′ last year with Junjin as one of his ‘daughters’ and had attracted much attention for their natural chemistry and interaction.

Junjin has also given Kang Byul much help for her debut as an actress. Since appearing in ‘High School Girls 4′, she had started to dream of becoming an actress, and being a showbiz veteran Junjin was very generous with his advice and guidance. Kang Byul said, “He shared with me stories about the entertainment industry and often encouraged me. This really helped me a lot with my debut.”

‘Creating Destiny’ also stars Eugene (S.E.S).

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