Thursday, October 08, 2009

Epik High having their last performance

With DJ Tukutz's upcoming marriage and military service, the hip hop group Epik High will stop their promotions for their 6th album by having their last performance on MBC's Music Core this Saturday.

Epik High could have continued on their promotion with only 2 members, Mithra & Tablo, or finding a replacement for DJ Tukutz, but they decided to wait for his return to show their loyalty.

A source from Epik High's agency said, "On Music Core this coming Saturday, it will be their last performance for their 6th album. It is sad that we are stopping as it was only released not long ago. But we decided to stop due to Tukutz's impending absence."

With Tukutz enlisting for military service, they also talked about Tablo and Mithra's future activities, stating, "They will still continue with composing songs and appearing on broadcasts. Their individual activities are currently being discussed."

Stay tuned to Music Core this weekend, as Epik High will have their last performance with all 3 members - at least for quite a while.

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