Monday, October 19, 2009

Featuring "My Song, Your Sun"

Venturing to the music industry Zheng Yuan Chang has a new version for his EP. Specially featuring the song [My Song, Your Sun] the Japanese-sung version of [Chang Yi Shou Ge]. Has yet to started his oversea promotions yet the Korean male prostitution pub has already started to distribute their flyers using pictures of the handsome guys like Jun Matsumoto, Hyde, Okada Junichi etc, all were being highly promoted as male prostitutes.

When Xiao Zong heard about it, he immediately laughed out loud, he then realized that it was the picture taken when he just started off in the entertainment industry, he clarifies that he has never worked in a male prostitution pub before and calling out to the public to respect the portraiture right to avoid breaking the laws.

Yesterday he was having signing session for the new version of his EP, having fans especially coming from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong etc attending this event, Xiao Zong was overwhelmed by their gesture. He humbly said that his hasn’t really mastered the Japanese language yet and he can only communicate in Japanese with the kindergarten children; he has to hire a home tutor to have one-to-one lessons, working hard on using his own transcriptions to sing the Japanese song, hoping that the fans will notice his sincerity.

When Xiao Zong was performing his upbeat song, everyone is aware of the bandage of his right index finger, he revealed that he was being weigh down by a pillar when he was holding his bicycle, he didn’t really pay any attention to it at first, not until he realized that his index finger has swollen and painful, he then immediately rushed to the emergency room in the middle of the night. The record company has especially arranged for a massage therapist to examine his health, in the end, he was being diagnosis of having mental tension which cause him to have tight muscle; then his eating habit is not normal, could easily get stomach inflation! Zheng Yuan Chang has a sudden enlightenment on this comment and says: [It’s true, no matter what I eat, it will be settle very quickly, no wonder my stomach and intestines is not good.]

Caption: Zheng Yuan Chang’s EP is now on sales; he was having signing session for the new version of his EP yesterday. Xiao Zong showing off his injured finger that he got it from moving to a new house.

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