Thursday, October 01, 2009

Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix On October 3rd

On October 3rd the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix will start. Kinki Kids member Domoto Koichi will appear as a guest in a pre-game event to be held on October 2nd! It will be the Japanese Grand Prix's first ever pre-game event. A special stage will be constructed right in front of the grandstand, and with such gorgeous members as Suzuki Aguri, Sato Takuma and Yamamoto Sakon, Domoto will talk about who is likely to become the champion. He will also appear in the event held the next day inside the race course area.
Domoto is famous for being the foremost Formula 1 freak among all celebrities. He even writes regular columns about racing in magazines and sports newspapers. He also talks about his favorite topic during MCs in concerts. At one live performance of his recent solo tour, he was asked “Which is important, Formula 1 or concerts?” Domoto answered “Eeeef Oooone (F1).” He was promptly booed by his fans…Once, when he bumped into Michael Schumacher, Domoto was so surprised he immediately ran away. When he was invited to a party held by Ferrrari, he had a chance to shake hands with Schumacher. He said “I was too awed to even think about shaking hands with him. So my manager shook hands instead.” He continued in a serious tone. “That was when I thought, ‘So this is how it feels to meet someone from high up.' That helped me finally realize how it might feel to be a fan.” It is clear Domoto genuinely loves Formula 1. As he spends everyday busily, especially with his nationwide tour, F1 events must be a very special treat! Fans might get to see an extremely enthusiastic Domoto on the race track!

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