Saturday, October 03, 2009

"The Green Hornet" in Hollywood

Jay Chou has been filming "The Green Hornet" in Hollywood, a few days ago there was rumours about there being a bomb! American online website "TMZ" reports, the filming crew found a unidentified metal object on the set, they were worried it was a bomb and called in the police. The police sent out the bomb disposal unit to take care of the unknown object, they confirmed it was not a bomb so it was a false alarm.

At the moment "The Green Hornet" is being filmed at a car park in Los Angeles, when they filmed the car chase scene at the beginning of the month there was a car crash when the stuntman lost control, after that the crew wouldn't dare take any chances and called the police in for support. The police were cautious with this matter, they sent out a truck carrying the bomb disposal unit and the equipment, they detonated the unknown object with a remote control robot. The police expressed: "After the scene was cleared, all that was found was a smoke sensor, it is not a bomb." The crew were all relieved.

Jay Chou's assistant in America expressed that yesterday they did indeed find a suspect object as the actors were resting in their trailers, at that time Jay Chou was filming, afterwards he and all the crew were asked to leave the vicinity, at present he is very safe and has not been scared.

He is filming in America right now, yet "China News" have reported that he has written a commemorative song called "Chinese" for the 60th anniversary of China, to express his "sincere patriotic passion", it also states he received 80,000 rmb as a fee, the lyrics have 212 words, on average it cost 378 rmb per word. As soon as this news came out, it immediately led to discussions online, but yesterday Jay Chou's JVR Music head publicisit Zhang Lan Yun denied this, he expressed Jay Chou has not written a song for Mainland China's 60th.

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