Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jay Chow releasing new album soon

Every October Jay Chou releases his new album, it's now nearly November, besides news about him being in "The Green Hornet", there's no news about his new album at all. But reporters have found out, the songs for Jay Chou's new album have already been written, in next few days his recorder Gary Yang will fly to Las Angeles to help Jay Chou record his new album. But because of the busy schedule of filming and opening a new restaurant, Jay Chou's new album will be delayed for the first time.

Yesterday reporters found out, the release date for Jay Chou's new album still has not been set, fans will have to wait patiently. "The songs are actually already written, he is working with Vincent Fang and persisting with his past style. But recently he has been busy with filming, there's no concrete timeframe of when it will be recorded, the company will not rush him." The JVR Music staff told the reporters this. Reporters have found out that in the next few days, Jay Chou's recorder Gary Yang will be flying to Las Angeles to produce the album.

This is the first time Jay Chou's new album has been delayed indefinitely, it is indeed surprising. According to reports, besides being busy with filming, he has placed a lot of his efforts into his own restaurant. After opening dessert house "Mr. Qute" in July, his fourth restaurant is in preparation. Even though he is in Hollywood filming "The Green Hornet", Jay Chou is remote controlling the preparations for the restaurant everyday from America. According to reports, he intends to make the store in American style "D Topic Restaurant".

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