Tuesday, October 06, 2009

KANJANI new concert DVD ‘TOUR 2009 PUZZLE'

On October 3rd KANJANI broke up into two teams to hold release events in two separate cities for their new concert DVD ‘TOUR 2009 PUZZLE'.
Shibuya Subaru, Murakami Shingo, Maruyama Ryuhei and Nishikido Ryo appeared in Tokyo. Yokoyama You, Yasuda Shota and Okura Tadayoshi went to Nagoya! It was the first KANJANI∞ release event held since the handshake event in 2004 at Tokyo Kokusai Forum for their debut single ‘浪花いろは節 / Naniwa Iroha-bushi'. For the two exclusive events held this time 5600 fans in total were able to meet the members! Murakami quipped “The powers that be don't like to spend much money on us, so today we're wearing our private clothes. We usually don't get to wear our own clothes when meeting our fans in person.”
The group announced they will release a new single titled ‘急☆上☆SHOW!! / Kyu☆Jo☆SHOW!! [lit. ‘Go high']' on November 4th! Don't take your eyes off KANJANI∞!

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