Monday, October 05, 2009

KARA was everywhere this Chuseok Weekend

dol group KARA was everywhere this Chuseok Weekend. With Idol stars being the big thing, the three big networks utilized this by having Idol-oriented Chuseok celebration programs for this holiday weekend. But no other group had the week like KARA did - from freestyle dancing, to showing off their fresh faces, to competing with other idols, the group has been a topic everyday.

Group KARA stood out from rest of the surge of girl groups this weekend. With their image as the 'Economic Idols' and 'Inspirational Idols', the members were shown to give it their best in all the programs they have participated in, and once again, they have exploded with popularity with their strong and unique charms. Although KARA has already appeared in many special programs for the New Year, they still managed to give something new and fresh to the viewers this time around. They have been voted number 1, as the most wanted guests for Chuseok specials, as they managed to be at the top of portal search sites each time they appear.

On October 2, on MBC's , member Goo Hara proved to be a big hit, as her incredible strength was shown to the viewers, despite her deceptive petite figure. Hara surprised viewers by pulling a 2.5 ton truck for a distance of 2.5 meters. With her strength and competitiveness evident from the start, she was favored to be the winner of the program, but unfortunately lost, when she tripped at the final game of the program, which was a race amongst the remaining 6 girl idols.

Despite losing, Hara still proved to be winner in the end, as the netizens were more interested in her surprising strength. After the program aired, the netizens started giving Hara nicknames, to reflect how strong of a girl she is, and how sporty and competitive she gets, despite her barbie-like features. She was already known to be a tough fighter to KARA's fans as she had appeared in a boxing challenge last year, where surprisingly, she won.

This is not the only thing. The closeness of Hara and Girl's Generation's Jessica became a hot topic after seeing that the two were very chatty with each other during the filming.

KARA came out strong on October 3, on SBS' , where the members showed off their trot talents, with a bit of their own flavor, dancing freely showing off their dorky sides on stage. This is the reason why although they sometimes embarrass themselves by doing silly and dorky things, they manage to have fun, making the viewers feel more comfortable with them.

Through this broadcast, the members showed their dorm as well, showing off confidently their bare faces. Because the filming was done early in the morning, the girls did not have any make up on. Although the members seemed surprised and a bit shy at first, being just out of bed, the natural look of the girls pulled in viewers to their charms. The snoring of maknae Jiyoung, Nicole's comment about her hair that 'Its not as bad as a thought..', and Jiyoung going off to school to take her exams were well-received by the viewers, as it was something different from the usual image of girl groups, striving to look perfectly made up every minute of the day.

Network staffers all rave about the group. They say 'The appeal of KARA is their friendliness. Its like the girls are really just your younger neighborhood sister - they are very comfy to be around, and they make you feel at ease.' Others add 'Because they know what its like to fail, they are dubbed as the 'Hardworking Idols', which is really a good thing for them.' One staffer added 'The members are just really nice girls that recently, an anti-fan who spread false rumours about the groups on the internet came out with a formal apology. Thats how much viewers are changing from anti's or neutrals to their side.' In the last analysis, it is said that 'They have a very strong and loyal fanbase, and because of this, the future of KARA is very bright.',

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