Monday, October 05, 2009

Kondo Masahiko releasing a new song

On December 12th singer Kondo Masahiko (nicknamed ‘Matchy') will celebrate his 30th anniversary by releasing a new song titled ‘MOTTO!MOTTO! [lit. ‘More, More!']' on the same day. Matchy made his debut on December 12th 1980 with the song ‘スニーカーぶる~す / Sneaker Blues'. He will be the first Johnny's member to stay active for 30 years!
Matchy contemplated on his three decade career. “Over the years I've been supported by thousands of staff members. The fans have been a great help and also a source of strength. I'll like to commemorate this anniversary with a big bang, in part to cheer on the younger Johnny's members.” He also seemed eager to make his next leap! “I'll be careful to stay true to my roots, but at the same time I'd like to take on new challenges. Preferably something big.”
Matchy will appear in a commercial for a travel agency that will also be celebrating its 30th anniversary in December. He showed how he was a true professional by filming the TV ad just 3 days after he had fractured his right shoulder blade while participating in a triathlon. Matchy is set to become a host of a TV program about travel (the program is sponsored by the aforementioned travel company) for his first time. Let's see what else he will try out!

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