Saturday, October 10, 2009

Miriam invested on a Popcorn Monster

Miriam attended the opening ceremony of a Popcorn Monster new shop at Mongkok. Miriam is supportive of the boss for investing during this bad economy. The boss of the shop is getting married soon, but she'll be busy filming and will not be able to attend. Therefore, she came to be the shop's opening guest specially.

Is Miriam interested in investments? She expressed that she had a second hand boutique, but her partner has her own job and both of them are busy. The boutique was opened for two to three years and ended business when the lease was due. She said, "Lost a bit of money. It was a little affected by the Lehman incident, and customers cut down on shopping." Didn't her husband Real Ting help her in the business? She replied, "Everyone thought the shop is his, but actually it's not. It may not lose money if he was the one managing it."

Miriam said she's not clever in investments. There were reports of her selling her property Regalia Bay and earning $30 milion. She admitted it's attractive from an investment's point of view, but it's a private matter and not convenient to discuss openly. She said there were people who asked to buy her house and her parents are considering too, but the deal is still not made for now because she's busy filming her new movies. Is the possibility of making the deal high? She replied, "Actually will have to look for a new place first. But I'm rather busy and will probably let my mum look for a suitable place first and I'll help to take a look." Will Miriam move in to stay with her husband? She said she'll get married first, but now she's also busy with planning her concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. She didn't expect the media to know about this so soon. Miriam's career has been smooth ever since she moved into Regalia Bay. Does she bear to move out? Miriam said most importantly is to be happy, and the apartment is also a form of investment. Ever since her father retired, he likes to grow plants and vegetables as a pastime, so they'll need to look for a house with big garden.

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