Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Drama (美麗密令)

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and William Chan have recently been very busy with new film (美麗密令). When speaking of the heated kissing on bed scene, William exposed that when there were chest-chest interactions with Ah Sa, he felt that she was experienced. The two even did a re-enactment of the intense kiss scene at the event, what a funny joke!

Ah Sa, William, Sherman Chung and Vincy Chan attended the "Metro Charitable Karaoke Singing Tour" kick off event. The group of EEG singers sang fast songs from the 90's generation with fans, it was a very lively scene.

Ah Sa and William both revealed that the new film they are working on has got them sleepless. Speaking of the bed scene that they just completed, much experienced Ah Sa said: "I filmed so many scenes, but I had never been this awkward. I was touching his face and did not know how to kiss him. (Good aftertaste?) Perhaps we are just too familiar with each other, I just felt that it was really funny." William laughed and said that the director Wong Jing "added" a bed scene and can be considered a category III film. He said: "It's quite intense this time, kissing from the front to end of the bed. (Did you guys touch any sensitive areas?) My chest felt that Ah Sa is an experienced person, so I need to help her rehabilitate!"

Also speaking of the rumors that Gillian Chung accepted a 10 million HKD reward for breast augmentation surgery, Ah Sa said: "Crazy! She won't do it, if that's the case, it would be me first! There has always been some people who offered a high salary for me to be their spokesperson, but I am just too satisfied with my body figure, so I will not accept these kinds of endorsements for money!" Earlier Vincy went to Nanjing with some friends and played with a palm reading machine that she felt was quite accurate. Vincy said: "The machine said I'll find my 'peach blossom' (other half) with people who are rabbits or tigers. Next year is the year of the tiger, I hope to find my happiness then. (Do you have a partner?) I have one in mind, still stabilizing the relationship!"

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