Thursday, October 01, 2009

New idol drama 'Shanghai Sweetheart'

Show Luo & Rainie Yang's new idol drama 'Shanghai Sweetheart' will enter the Sunday night idol drama battle on the 1st of November, replacing CTS drama 'Roseate Love' and battling against SETTV's 'Autumn's Concerto/Next Station, Happiness'. The other idol drama 'Calling For Love' which was originally slated to release in October, has not yet obtained the broadcasting permit, and so has confirmed to delay broadcast. In 'Shanghai Sweetheart', Show's new style has a breakthrough, never been seen before; his mushroom hairstyle is bound to make viewers burst into laughter, and even Rainie was unable to control her laughter and kept having NGs!

'Calling For Love' is a joint collaboration with mainland China, but it still hasn't obtained the broadcasting permit. Because the week commencing 1st of October is the golden week, and everyone will have a 8-9 day holiday, producer Angie Chai was worried that there would be delay in the process of issuing permits, and they might not get the permit before the original airing date - 18th of October. She didn't want to take this big risk, hence the producers have decided to air 'Shanghai Sweetheart' which is still currently filming, first, to save the situation.

In the drama, Show plays a mushroom-head, herbivorous but kind & honest guy called Lin Da Lang. His personality is so innocent that it seems somewhat silly. Originally, Angie only planned for Show to have a mushroom hairstyle but during costume-fitting, Show improvised and added bangs at the front, and also discussed with Angie to add big black-rimmed glasses. All this, matched with shorts and long socks produced a surprisingly good result. Hence, Angie immediately agreed to Show's suggestions.

Actually, the reason for Show's character name in the drama being Lin Da Lang is because a few years ago, there was once when Show was chatting to Angie, and the 2 were humming Pink Panther's song 'Da Lang Da Lang Da Lang~'. Both of them thought that it would be very interesting if there was a guy called Da Lang, and so this idea has always remained at the back of Angie's mind. And now, in 'Shanghai Sweetheart', Angie really did make the male lead's character name Da Lang, and his character is also someone who likes Pink Panther and loves the colour pink.

Show's performance was very hard-working, but Rainie is also hard-working. When she saw Show's bangs, she couldn't control her laughter and kept having NGs. Even looking at his back would make her laugh, in the end she begged the director: "I'm sorry, give me 10 seconds to let all my laughter out, I really can't control it!"

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