Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Omega's first boutique from Zhang Ziyi

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is in Singapore to open Omega's first boutique in the city-state, at the ION Orchard shopping mall.

During a media conference with the company's president, Stephen Urquhart, she revealed a secret to potential suitors hoping to win her heart.

"I say next time, you prepare a ring and a watch with diamonds. Then I will say yes, definitely," Zhang said.

She declined to say if she is currently working on another movie project, but said she will be returning to China to fulfil a busy schedule.

The international actress is the Omega's newest spokesperson, and she said that the partnership was fated as the first watch she ever bought was an Omega.

"I spent pretty much all the money I had earned then. I still haven't worn that watch till now. I can't bear to as I'm scared I'll lose it," Zhang said.

"I did not get a discount at the time. But I asked my boss, and he said that I can get a discount now," she quipped.

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