Friday, October 16, 2009

Sanada Hiroyuki appear in TV drama series ‘LOST Season 6'

It was formally announced that actor Sanada Hiroyuki will appear in the hit US TV drama series ‘LOST Season 6'. Sanada has appeared in a number of Hollywood films such as ‘ラストサムライ / The Last Samurai', but it will be the first time for him to act in a foreign TV drama. After being widely praised by filmmakers and others around the world for his performance in ‘ラストサムライ / The Last Samurai', Sanada has since moved his base of operations to Los Angeles. Two years have passed, and now as a ‘representative of Japan' he will star in a popular drama series receiving high TV ratings worldwide.

‘Season 6' will be the latest and final season of the series. Sanada will become ‘Dogen (道厳)', who is an important character that plays a vital role in the story. The drama's producer Damon Lindelof talked about his choice for casting Sanada. “For a long time we've held in high regards Hiro's skills. We created ‘Dogen' especially with him in mind.” He also gave reporters a glimpse of the character's personality. “'Dogen' is a dignified yet delicate person. He is a crucial character that adds spice to the story.” Sanada has started participating in the filming from late August. The series is scheduled to air in the US from around the beginning of next year.

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