Monday, October 19, 2009

“Shanghai Sweetheart” premiere on November

Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) was stabbed twice during the Golden Bell Awards two nights ago. First is Zhao Zheng Ping, who made friends through webcam, calling him “brother,” pulling him into the water. The next stab is losing to newcomer Mark Zhao for Best Actor. That night, GTV hosted an after party banquet, and Show as asked, “Have you watched Mark Zhao’s drama?” Show actually replied with, “Yes, he’s the rebelling and spoiled one!” But the rebelling character should have been Vic Zhou.

Show demonstrated his good manners and demeanor; even though he did not win he still went over to GTV’s celebration banquet for half an hour. In response to Mark Zhao winning Best Actor for his first drama, Show said, “I do not care about the time of one’s debut; everyone put a lot effort into their work.”

Even though Show did not win, but he had much girl luck. During the celebration banquet there were more than 30 black and white ladies flying to him. They basically touched Show all over and even kissed his cheeks. He was kind of scared and said, “What’s happening?” When asked about the award, he said that he will let the motive of winning lay upon the new drama “Shanghai Sweetheart,” hoping that he can next year.

During the night of the Golden Bell awards ceremony, Zhao Zheng Ping called Show “class leader,” implying that both of them are victims of webcam-friend-making. When the camera was taking Show, he appeared a bit uneasy but still laughed. Last night his manager, Xiao Shuang, said, “When Show was filming at age 17, Zhao Ge was the one communicating with Show, so they are really close friends; therefore, they were able to joke about that.”

Yesterday morning, Show went to Kaohsiung to film Angie Chai’s new drama, “Shanghai Sweetheart.” This drama will premiere on November 1st on CTS. But because Show and Rainie Yang are just too busy, it’s extremely hard for them to have time to promote the drama. Tomorrow night at 10:10, CTS was originally planning to air Rainie Yang’s concert, but it suddenly changed to airing Michael Jackson’s concert instead. The only television promotional event is going to 100% Entertainment, hosted by Show. On the 20th, Rainie will be there to record a ‘movie gathering’ and air some trailers.

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