Monday, October 05, 2009

SS501 released the 3 albums previously on 26th September

Group SS501 has climbed up to the #1 spot on Taiwan music charts.

SS501 released the albums ‘Super Hits,超級精選’, ‘Find,我回愛’ and ‘Dejavu,似曾相識’ in Taiwan previously on 26th September.

As soon as the albums were released, they went up to the #1 spots on G-Music and Five Music charts for the week of 25th September to 1st October for Asian music charts. All 3 albums were up on the top 3 spots on the charts.

Also ‘Super Hit’ album is up #9 on G-Music overall chart.

The album, including video DVDs included, released are to mark the group’s success promotions in Taiwan.

Their Chinese fans said, “I ordered my album, I’ll wait patiently till it comes”, “They are really good singers”, “I think they will make it as big in China.” etc

Meanwhile, the group will start their promotions in China with the participation of the event ‘Korea-Sino Music Festival’ on 6th October. Group f(x) will also be present at the concert.

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