Thursday, October 08, 2009

Upcoming concert [SHE Is The One World Tour]

For the upcoming concert [SHE Is The One World Tour] which would be held in Hong Kong, SHE have been practicing their dance steps intensely. The trio would start their practice at 2pm daily and dance till the studio closes at night. They're technically dancing as though they're attending some "devil" training and dance till their legs are sore. The three of them are spending almost the whole day practicing in the studio and they're hardly home. Fearing that their dogs would be lonely home alone, the three of them would bring their dogs along to the studio to take care and accompany them. With the dogs around the studio, the atmosphere is more exciting. The staff smiled and told SHE, "So, now the three of you are having your "sister party" while the dogs are having their family party."

The first stop for this concert would be in Hong Kong. There will be two shows and tickets for both the shows has already been sold out. Organizers and fans wish that SHE would be able to add another night. But however due to the packed schedule of the venue and SHE schedule, they are unable to come up with a suitable date for both parties. Hence, they need to for go the additional show intention. During the concert, SHE would be wearing short skirts, showing their beautiful legs. Besides that, they would also be performing a broadway musical. Besides all the dancing, there will be some aerobic movement as well, such as flipping and "air movement" with the male dancers. The movements are pretty similar with cheerleaders movements. Selina who always consider herself with poor balance sense; each time during practice she would yell and scream. She jokingly said, "Fortunately for concert, we would be using hand-held microphones. If we were to use the "clip on ear microphones"(those that go around your head), the audience would only hear my screams!!"

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