Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wu Ming new drama "Butterfly And Sword (流星蝴蝶劍)"

Wu Ming is filming the television drama version of "Butterfly And Sword (流星蝴蝶劍)" but the original female lead Alyssa Chia dropped the drama at the very last minute. Ivy Chen has now been selected to replace her. Ivy has great fate with the "big brothers" in the industry. She first worked with Vic Zhou and Eddie Peng in "Black and White" and "Heard" respectively, having romances, and now, she'll be collaborating with Baron Chen, Victor Huang, Liu De Kai. Although she failed to get nominated for the Golden Bell and Golden Horse, with such a group of people to work with, she's probably going to be able to laugh even when she's sleeping.

"Butterfly And Sword" will start filming in China's Hengdian World Studios starting early November. Wu Ming once filmed the movie version of "Butterfly Sword" years back and this time Ivy will be acting as Joey Wong's "Xiao Die" character while Baron will be starring as "Meng Xing Hun" which was acted then by Tony Leung.

The original female lead Alyssa Chia announced in Shanghai days before filming was starting that she wanted to try fighting for the chance to see her daughter Wu Tong Mei and hence will no longer be acting in "Butterfly and Sword". Wu Ming was shocked but he had no reasons to destroy a possible mother-daughter reunion.

Ivy is of course delighted to have been moved to the role of female lead but many of her friends are reminding her to not let reel love turn into real love with Baron Chen who's good at electrifying ladies.

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