Thursday, November 05, 2009

美麗的日子 (Beautiful Days) release on december 13

Last year, due to the switch to a new agency, Cyndi Wang had been pretty quiet throughout the year. But Cyndi will be keeping herself busy this year. Momo Love, which Cyndi stars in, is still in the midst of filming and she has already been receiving several invitations to sing at New Year countdown shows.

Her new album is scheduled to be released on December 14. Although the recording is done, she still has not begun shooting for the MV. Cyndi’s agency expressed that they hope the filming for Momo Love can end in November, or else, they would be afraid that Cyndi’s new album would not make it to release on time. Cyndi’s previous agency is also planning to release a compilation album, 美麗的日子 (Beautiful Days), of her songs on December 13.

In any case, we should be expecting Cyndi back in full force in the music industry by the end of November. From the sound of it, Cyndi may also be performing at one or more New Year countdown shows.

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