Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Film 'True Legend' from Jay Chou & Lin Chi Ling

Jay Chou & Lin Chi Ling's film 'True Legend' (Ci Ling) will be released at the end of the year. Their intimate interactions between each other was displayed in the latest issue of Men's Uno. Jay Chou praised Lin Chi Ling: "She is real perfection."

In the interview & photoshoot, their body language was rich & full of tacit understanding. Jay said that during the 2 months of filming 'True Legend', he saw Lin Chi Ling escape from her beautiful appearance, good figure and other shallow understandings of her. But he realized that beneath that all, she really is very perfect.

In the interview, both Jay & Lin Chi Ling revealed their wish of just being an ordinary human being once in awhile. Lin Chi Ling said, usually she will still take the MRT, eat at street vendors, and won't care about how other people see her. As for Jay, who is extremely busy everyday, said that he wishes he could simply stay at home and talk with his mother, watch television, play pool; that would be his idea of living.

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